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Focal species

Corridor Metrics:

  • Length: 1,834.6 m

  • Avg. Width: 482.8 m

  • Area: 100.77 ha

  • Edge: 10.94 km

  *All metrics approximate

Deer Mouse.jpg

deer mouse

Long-tailed Weasel.png

Long-tailed Weasel

Opossum, control species.jpg

Opossum, control species

LOCAL collaboratorS: 

  • University of Louisville

    • Dr. Rachel Pigg, Assistant Professor​

  • University of Cedarville 

    • Dr. Mark Gathany, Professor ​

  • Greene County Parks and Trails ​

  • City of Fairborn

  • Ohio Division of Wildlife 

  • Ohio Department of Natural Resources 

  • Local Private Landowners

LOCAL field Crew: 

  • Elizabeth (Liz) Tan, Independent Contractor 

  • Kurt Speed, Independent Contractor 

  •  Ian Leatherman, University of Louisville Student

  • Maddy Middleton, University of Louisville Student

  • Mattison Hale, University of Louisville Student

  • Kyle Funk, University of Louisville Student

IMG_4923 (1).heic

From Left to Right: Emma Spence, Liz Tan, Kurt Speed, and Cody Cox.


From Left to Right: Ian Leatherman, Maddy Middleton, Mattison Hale, and Kyle Funk.

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