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Focal species

Wood Mouse.png

yellow-necked MOUSE

Wood Mouse.jpg

Wood Mouse

Bank Vole.jpg

Bank Vole


Red Fox

Long-tailed Weasel.png

European Pine Marten


Black Rat

LOCAL collaboratorS: 

  • Luca Santini, Sapienza University of Rome Department of Biology

  • Filippo Dell'Agnello, Wildlife Biologist at NEMO Ltd.

  • Matilde Martini, Wildlife Biologist at NEMO Ltd.

LOCAL field Crew: 

  • Giorgia Bertagni

  • Marco Morbidelli


From Left to Right: Luca Santini, Filippo Dell'Agnello, Giorgia Bertagni, Andrew Gregory, Emma Spence, and Marco Marbidelli

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